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So, tell me about yourself...

I'm a Cancer sun, Scorpio moon, Gemini rising (not that I believe in that stuff...)

   I have a deep and enduring love of the Italian American cuisine of New York City suburbia.

 I say "rigawt" without shame.

At the age of 4, I was a shy kid but would still make people watch me play make believe (donations encouraged.)  All were invited to my self-produced interpretive dance recitals in Grandma's living room.  "Dominique The Singing Nun" was my background track.  


Years later I am still committed to sourcing that same generative magic. This is the magic that comes from sharing time, space, and truth with another human being, dreaming and believing in a world that's bigger and brighter than yourself...and dancing with creative abandon in Grandma's living room.  

I believe whole heartedly that the world is made better by the courage of artists, and I am proud to be a part of that.

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